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Representation of your company

In your name, to your needs and conditions, I will seek together with you
- the appropriate representative for your company in Iraq.
- the right partner for your products and services in Iraq.


If you are unable or don’t want to travel to Iraq, I can manage your business matter there. I make this of course on your behalf and according to your instructions and conditions.


Translate your promotional material in the Arabic language.



Entourage and staff



I have contacts to many qualified Iraqis, who can represent your company in Iraq.
They speak English and know the situation in Iraq very well.
If you want to expand in Iraq, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We offer native Iraqis with very good knowledge of German and English language and of course the Arabic language and custom of Iraq as entourage for your trip to Iraq.




For the NGOs





Many Iraqi NGOs and political parties seek cooperation with foreign NGOs, particularly with the foundations and the political parties in the western countries.


Iraq needs urgently this kind of co operations, because it foster the liberalization of our country.


I want through my activities to support such co operations and offer the assistance to the non-governmental organizations (NGOs), who want or intend to work in Iraq and those who want to build relationships to the Iraqi NGOs or political parties.


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